Acrylics and canvas, low-cost options for practicing

April 15, 2018 iulia

If you like creating art with mediums such as acrylics, gouache or watercolor you know that they are not cheap.

Creating with cheap materials can be a really good way to practice your hand without the inconvenience of using the more expensive mediums. It has, of course, bad sides, such as the fact that the low-cost acrylics can be a lot less vibrant and may need to apply the acrylic double or triple on the canvas, however, it gives you the freedom of just experiment and practice.

I got my low-cost acrylics from Action, I paid around 4 euro for 12 tubes of 20 ml. They are waterish but I manage to make a pretty colorful painting, I used a lot of paint and almost no water. From the same place I’ve got the low-cost canvas, I’ve got a 40×40 cm and an 80×60 cm and paid around 7 euro for both. I think it’s a great deal for giving the liberty of just paint without thinking about spending too much money and go crazy as much as you want.

I’ve painted with this acrylics for the last 2 months and I am happy with them but keep in mind the price I’ve paid for them, a good set of 18 acrylics (36 ml) can cost you up to 80 euro. You may enjoy them more but if you want to “play around” these acrylics can be for you.

The pallets and brushes can be bought from Action too for around 4-5 euro together. Well, at the end I want to say that cheap material can help you create work without having strings attached and be yourself and realizing what you can create while you relax and not judge yourself and just move your hands with the direction of the mind.


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